Siemens demands return of gas turbines delivered to Crimea

Siemens asked a court to return the gas turbines sold to Technopromexport and subsequently delivered to Crimea to Siemens Gas Turbines Technologies, a Siemens representative said in court according to a Tass Agency report.

“Proceeding from the invalidity of these transactions, we ask the court to oblige the actual purchaser of the equipment – Technopromexport – to return these gas turbine units to their original seller Siemens Gas Turbines Technologies,” the company’s representative said.

Technopromexport representative, in turn, noted that Siemens requirements are illegal and unacceptable, and the attempt of the German concern to oblige the Russian legal entity to comply with the EU sanctions on the territory of Russia undermines the sovereignty of the country.

“During the course of the dispute, Siemens is trying to ensure that Russian companies, Russian courts, on Russian soil comply with the sanctions requirements of a foreign international organization – the European Union. This is a direct attempt to damage the sovereignty of the state,”

the company’s representative stressed.

According to a Technopromexport representative, Siemens does not present civil rights violation claims in the lawsuit, but requires compliance with the EU sanctions by returning already supplied equipment.

Siemens believes that the structures of Rostec – LLC and JSC Technopromexport deliberately deceived the German concern by supplying gas turbines bought from the subsidiary company Siemens Gas Turbines Technologies to Crimea, and not to the Taman peninsula.

“We believe that in early 2015, when the EU sanctions were introduced, which do not allow the deliveries of equipment for the power plants to the Crimean Peninsula, Technopromexport decided to deceive Siemens Gas Turbines Technologies and Siemens AG itself. Under the pretext of implementing the project on the Taman Peninsula, it purchased the equipment for use in Crimea. We believe that in this case, these were deliberate actions aimed specifically at deceiving Siemens Gas Turbines Technologies,” the company’s representative said.

Source / More: Tass

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