Streamlined Operations, Cost Savings, Key Drivers in City of Davenport Implementing BCR’s Neutralizer® Class A Biosolids Treatment Technology and Services

Transformative Technology Eliminates the Need for Digester

JACKSONVILLE, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#ClassAbiosolids–BCR Inc., a leading provider of proven biosolids and process treatment technology solutions, announced that the City of Davenport has awarded the contract to BCR to install the Neutralizer® biosolids process technology.

“We knew we wanted to upgrade to a Class A biosolids program,” said Mike Stripling, Utility Director for the Davenport wastewater treatment plant. “I have been in wastewater treatment plant management for the past 35+ years and have the benefit of seven years of previous experience with BCR’s Neutralizer technology. The Class A biosolids process met standards every single time. Here at the City of Davenport, we received an ARPA grant, which helped us implement expansion plans that included upgrading to a Class A biosolids program. When you combine the significant cost-savings and operating efficiencies that come with choosing BCR’s technology with the ARPA grant, the payback is almost immediate. Even without the ARPA grant, this technology is a no-brainer.”

Joshua Scott, president and CEO of BCR Inc. explained, “We’re excited to work with the City of Davenport on the Class A biosolids upgrade. We help our customers solve their technology challenges in a better way and, for this customer, that means completely eliminating the need, and associated capital and power usage costs, for a digester in their process. They also benefit from reducing biosolids operation time down to one process run per day, reduced volume of biosolids output from the previous Class B biosolids product and elimination of the costs associated with hauling to a residuals management facility.”

Streamlining biosolids process operating time also gives the City of Davenport the future option to process biosolids for other nearby wastewater treatment facilities while still meeting the future growth requirements for Davenport.

About BCR:

BCR partners with municipalities and the engineers responsible for researching, testing and purchasing biosolids treatment technology. Whether customers are looking for Class B or Class A biosolids, BCR assists in the review of biosolids treatment technology for the first time, scaling an existing system or upgrading from Class B to Class A biosolids technology. More information can be found on or by contacting the company


Marilyn Franklin