UK Supreme Court rules that move to prorogue parliament was unlawful

Supreme Court judges ruled unanimously he illegally prorogued Parliament in an ‘extreme’ move to ‘frustrate’ debate on Brexit. In an eviscerating judgment President Lady Hale said the Prime Minister’s decision to ask the Queen to shut down the Commons for five weeks was ‘unlawful, void and of no effect’.

UK’s 11 most senior judges found Boris Johnson gave unlawful advice to Queen when asking her to prorogue.

Speaker John Bercow plans to summons MPs to Parliament as Boris Johnson faces calls to resign after bombshell Supreme Court ruling found PM’s suspension of Commons was ‘unlawful and void’

Mr Bercow praised the ‘unambiguous’ ruling by Britain’s 11 top judges this morning and told MPs to return to the Commons at 11.30am on Wednesday.

The British Pound is up after the Supreme Court found that Boris Johnson acted unlawfully when he suspended Parliament. GBP reportedly rose as much as 0.301 per cent to $1.2462 after Lady Hale announced the 11 justices’ unanimous decision that “parliament is not prorogued”.

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