Waukesha Gas Engine Technology

Waukesha Gas Engine Technology

GE (NYSE: GE) announced it has demonstrated the ability to efficiently generate industrial-scale electricity using Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) in a Waukesha* VHP*3600GSI Enginator* gas engine supplied by GE Power & Water. The demonstration was performed at the largest LPG storage facility in Colombia owned by Colgas.

The Waukesha unit, which produced 375 kWe at 1,200 rpm, belongs to Pegsa LTDA, the authorized distributor of GE’s gas engines in Colombia and Central America. The LPG fuel used in the demonstration was a typical Colombian composition, consisting of more than 50 percent propane and 45 percent butane with a lower heating value of almost 2,700 Btu/ft3 (106 MJ/m3). GE offers three Waukesha gas engine models with ratings of 375 kWe, 620 kWe and 750 kWe at 1,200 rpm (60 Hz) that operate on this composition of LPG.

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Source: GE

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