World’s largest all-electric ferry

The world’s largest all-electric ferry completed its first voyage with passengers last week in Denmark.

The Ellen sailed between the southern Danish ports of Fynshav to Soby, on the island of Aero.

The e-ferry is capable of carrying 30 vehicles and 200 passengers and is powered by a battery “with an unprecedented capacity” of 4.3MWh, according to Swiss battery maker Lechanché which provided the system.

“Over one year, it will prevent the release of 2,000 tonnes of CO2, 42 tonnes of NOx [Nitrogen Oxide], 2.5 tonnes of particulates and 1.4 tonnes of SO2 [Sulfur Dioxide] into the atmosphere,” Lechanché CEO Anil Srivastava said in a statement.

The director for traffic for Aero, Keld M. Moller, meanwhile, said he is “pleased to be able to offer the passengers an extraordinary pleasant journey free from noise, vibrations and diesel fumes.”

The vessel can sail up to 22 nautical miles between charges — seven times farther than previously possible for an e-ferry.

Source / More : Euronews


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