Zambia Ex-President Banda Arrested Over Sale Of Nigerian Oil

Former Zambian president, Mr. Rupiah Banda, was arrested Monday by the country’s law enforcement agency over allegations of corruption and abuse of office, following a crude oil import deal with Nigeria, Reuters has reported.
Banda was also alleged to have misappropriated about $11 million during his three-year reign as president of the country.
He was said to have imported crude oil from Nigeria, without actual deliveries, despite the fact that the funds were deposited into the bank account of his son instead of the National Treasury.
Banda, who was released from police custody and is due to appear in court today, however said his arrest and the allegations against him were politically motivated.
Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba read out a list of allegations against Banda in Parliament on March 15, including “abuse of authority of office, fraud and misappropriation of public funds,” leading lawmakers to remove his immunity.
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