10 million tons of crude oil from Emlichheim

Wintershall celebrates production milestone
Emlichheim plans to continue producing in 20 years
Kassel/Emlichheim. Wintershall has reached another milestone in the history of crude oil production in Emlichheim. Germany’s largest internationally active crude oil and natural gas producer celebrated the production of the ten-millionth ton of crude oil on the German-Dutch border as part of a big celebration at the Emlichheim operations – right on time for the 700-year anniversary of Emlichheim. Wintershall has been active in Emlichheim, in the country of Bentheim, for about seven decades. This makes Emlichheim one of the oldest crude oil production sites in Germany. Wintershall currently produces around 160,000 tons crude oil per year from 95 wells in the Emlichheim field.
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