2015 Africa Progress Report

2015 Africa Progress Report

Seizing Africa’s Energy and Climate Opportunities.

The report stated that Africa’s leaders must start an energy revolution that connects the unconnected, and meets the demands of consumers, businesses and investors for affordable and reliable electricity.

It urges African governments to:

• Use the region’s natural gas to provide domestic energy as well as exports, while harnessing Africa’s vast untapped renewable energy potential.

• Cut corruption, make utility governance more transparent, strengthen regulations, and increase public spending on energy infrastructure.

• Redirect the $21 billion spent on subsidies for loss-making utilities and electricity consumption – which benefit mainly the rich – towards connection subsidies and renewable energy investments that deliver energy to the poor.

The report revealed that African households living on less than $2.50 a day collectively spend $10 billion every year on energy-related products, such as charcoal, kerosene, candles and torches.

According to the report, measured on a per unit basis, Africa’s poorest households are spending around $10/kWh on lighting – 20 times more than Africa’s richest households.

By comparison, the national average cost for electricity in the United States is $0.12/kWh and in the United Kingdom is $0.15/kWh.

  1. We categorically reject the idea that Africa has to choose between growth and low-carbon development,” said Kofi Annan, Chair of the Africa Progress Panel. “Africa needs to utilize all of its energy assets in the short term, while building the foundations for a competitive, low-carbon energy infrastructure.

Source: www.africaprogresspanel.org

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