Aker Solutions Appoints New CEO

Aker Solutions Appoints New CEO

Aker Solutions is launching a series of structural and strategic changes to transform the company and enhance shareholder value by spinning off the wind and carbon capture businesses to shareholders and merging Aker Solutions ASA (“Aker Solutions”) with Kværner ASA (“Kvaerner”) to create an optimized supplier company. Kjetel Digre has been appointed Chief Executive Officer of Aker Solutions, effective August 1, 2020, and will lead the combined company.

Aker Solutions intends to spin off its wind development business as well as the carbon capture technology business to Aker Solutions’ shareholders in two separate companies expected to be admitted to trading on Merkur Market on the Oslo Stock Exchange.

“Aker Solutions has developed technology and taken strong positions in markets for offshore wind and carbon capture, utilization and storage,” says Øyvind Eriksen, Chairman of Aker Solutions. “However, it has become increasingly clear that these businesses represent value creation opportunities in a world transitioning to green solutions at accelerated speed and have more potential as stand-alone companies than as an integrated part of an oil service business.”

Renewables and green technologies have entirely different value chains, customers, investor bases and sources of funding. Capitalizing and separating the offshore wind and CCUS business areas from Aker Solutions present a unique opportunity for growth and value creation,” says Eriksen.

Aker Solutions will be an alliance partner and preferred supplier to both companies to create revenue and customer value within wind and CCUS markets.

Kjetel Digre will on August 1 join Aker Solutions as CEO. Digre joins from Aker BP, where he held the role of Senior Vice President of Operations and Asset Development.


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