Aloe resins are useful as an anti-corrosive agent in oil and gas pipelines

Aloetrade America LLC, a Miami, Fl. based company involved in the aloe business, has reached an industrial and commercial cooperation agreement with Procesadora Industrial de Zabila C.A. (PIZCA), a leading aloe company in Venezuela, with industrial facilities located at the city of Coro, in Falcon State, Venezuela.
PIZCA is the oldest aloe company in Venezuela and since 1992 has been processing aloe plants to obtain aloe juices, aloe gel, aloin and anthraquinone compounds for several demanding industries in the largest markets. Through this agreement, Aloetrade America LLC will transfer technology to PIZCA and cooperate in the marketing and sales efforts of aloe based products developed basically for the oil and gas industry. Under this agreement signed on August 29, 2012, Aloetrade America LLC will deliver technology, in the form of technical assistance, formulas and know how related to the cultivation of aloe plants and the manufacturing processes, with the objective to formulate new sustainable, eco-friendly and biodegradable products for use in the oil and gas industry.
The transfer of technology is a package of know how and technical assistance related to agricultural and industrial processes. At agricultural level, Aloetrade America LLC will transfer state of the art techniques and Good Agricultural Practices to cultivate, grow, maintain and harvest aloe to obtain improved material to manufacture specific products for the oil and gas industry. At industrial level, Aloetrade America LLC will transfer know how, formulas, procedures and guidelines to manufacture those new aloe based products. The new products manufactured by PIZCA and exclusively sold by Aloetrade America LLC, are aloe-based formulas -specific blends of polysaccharides and anthraquinones- for use in conventional oil wells and also in unconventional oil and gas production.
These environmental friendly and biodegradable aloe products are used as scale inhibitor, corrosion inhibitor and as a biocide in conventional oil wells, both at on-shore or off-shore oil production fields. All these “green” aloe-based formulations are also used in the unconventional oil and gas production. In this case, the aloe formulas are used basically as additives into the fluid in the hydraulic fracturing (fracking) process, to prevent corrosion, as scale inhibitor, as biocide and as gelling agent.
PIZCA aloe products for the oil and gas industries will be manufactured under strict protocols and guidelines issued by Aloetrade America LLC. While the main objective of the agreement is to provide adequate technology and know how related to obtain aloe products for the oil and gas industry, there is also a provision of know how to manufacture aloe products for other new demanding sectors, such as fire extinguishing materials, products for industrial water treatments, fertilizers and animal feeds.
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