Astora announces more useable gas in the Rehden natural gas storage facility

Working gas volume rises to 4.4 billion cubic meters
Astora has been offering its customers additional capacities in the Rehden natural gas storage facility since 1 January 2013. The working gas volume is increasing from 4.2 to 4.4 billion cubic meters, the cushion gas volume is therefore decreasing from 2.8 to 2.6 billion cubic meters. “By increasing the working gas volume, more useable natural gas can now be stored, which also means Western Europe’s largest natural gas storage facility will make an even bigger contribution to supply security,” astora Managing Director Andreas Renner explained. The volume available in the storage facility is divided into working gas and cushion gas.
The working gas volume is the useable gas, while the cushion gas maintains the minimum pressure in the storage facility and stays in the formation. It is possible to raise the working gas volume by mixing long-term the original low-calorific gas cushion gas (L-Gas) from the natural gas reservoir, which is not completely depleted, with the high-calorific working gas (H-Gas). Thanks to comprehensive technical tests and the relevant restructuring measures at the storage facility’s compressors, more working gas can now be stored in the facility.
The additional storage capacity of 200 million cubic meters of working gas volume is available immediately as astora-add. This is an unbundled storage product with a fixed storage capacity and a minimum duration of one day. The astora storage facility in Rehden in North Germany is the largest in Western Europe with a working gas capacity of now 4,4 billion cubic meters and an underground surface area of about eight square kilometers. It has about a fifth of the overall storage capacities available in Germany and thus makes a sustainable contribution to the country’s supply security. The crude
Oil and natural gas producer Wintershall has produced natural gas from the natural gas reservoir since the 1950’s. After that the reservoir was turned into a storage facility and started operations in 1993. astora markets the storage facility’s capacities. Today the annual consumption of about two million single-family homes can be stored 2,000 meters underground. astora GmbH & Co. KG offers intelligent storage solutions from a single source – from the planning and development of natural gas storage facilities through to operation and the marketing of storage capacities. The company’s customers benefit from decades of experience in the technical field, comprehensive market knowledge and personal service. astora is committed to developing clear and simple solutions meeting the highest demands and is one of Europe’s leading storage facility operators.
The company markets the capacities of the largest natural gas storage facility in Western Europe, at Rehden in northern Germany, with a working gas volume of more than 4 billion cubic meters. In addition, the company holds capacities in the second-largest storage facility of central Europe at Haidach, Austria. In order to expand its storage before portfolio and to secure natural gas supplies to Europe, the Jemgum natural gas storage facility on the border between Germany and the Netherlands is currently being developed. More information on the Internet at
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