BG Group Introduce Blue Amazon: the LNG ship of the future

An innovative project to optimise LNG ship hull forms is set to reduce emissions and save significant amounts of fuel for LNG vessel operators.
On the shores of the Amazônia Azul – or Blue Amazon, the part of the Atlantic off the coast of Brazil – the LNG ship of the future is being designed. The shape of an LNG ship’s hull and cargo tanks are critical for the vessel to sail with minimal resistance through water.
This is important as fuel use is the biggest cost for ship operators, and reducing fuel use significantly lowers emissions.
bg groupBG Group has been leading a new project that has pushed the limits of LNG ship designs, which are already highly efficient.

“The idea was to achieve the highest level of efficiency by trying to improve upon the best designs currently being built at the shipyards that BG partners with,”

says Michael Davison, BG Group’s project development manager for ship design and construction, who has been overseeing the endeavour.
“Our task was to try and independently create a new, highly efficient hull form and general arrangement for an LNG ship.”
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Source: BG Group
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