Britain’s clean energy system achieves historic milestone in 2019

Britain’s clean energy system achieves historic milestone in 2019

This year, for the first time since the Industrial Revolution, more of Britain’s electricity production will come from zero carbon energy sources, than fossil fuels. According to National Grid, annual power generation data from the last decade shows Britain’s reliance on cleaner energy sources (wind, solar, nuclear, hydro power and storage) will overtake fossil fuels (coal and gas fired power generation) this year.

This marks a historic achievement in Britain’s journey towards the UK Government’s target of net zero emissions by 2050, demonstrating leadership in addressing a global challenge.

Reaching this landmark tipping point in Britain’s clean electricity generation has been achieved following a decade-long revolution in our power sources:

In May, Britain clocked up its first coal free fortnight and generated record levels of solar power for two consecutive days, powering more than a quarter of the country’s daily electricity consumption.

Britain’s energy system is in the midst of a rapid and complex transformation, and National Grid is playing a key role in that historic change. The continued move to a clean power system will require significant upgrades to the transmission network, and National Grid is investing around £1.3bn each year to support this transition.

Huge strides are also being made in areas such as carbon capture and storage and investing over £2bn in new interconnector projects. 2019 marks a turning point. Several significant achievements have helped zero carbon beat fossil fuels so far this year, including the fact that 64.5 per cent of electricity imported to Britain through under water cables, called interconnectors, has come from zero carbon sources.

By 2030, National Grid will have at least six interconnectors operating in Britain, through which 90 per cent of electricity imported will be from zero carbon sources

Source / More : National Grid

Britain to produce more electricity from zero carbon emission energy sources in 2019 than fossil fuels for the first time since the industrial revolution, National Grid claims


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