Browning Oil Selects Archeio’s Smart Search Technology

Daniel McWilliams, land manager at Browning Oil Company. “We’ve been impressed with the ease of implementation of the system and the responsiveness of Archeio’s team to our specific requirements during this process,” he added. Using machine learning, high-speed document processing, and energy specific document taxonomies, Archeio allows land professionals at Browning Oil Company to quickly search lease records in seconds using the complex legal language often found in such documents. Importantly, SkyWell provides efficient and centralized access to the key types of data needed by Browning Oil Company to manage its aggressive drilling program, including accounting, well files, and drilling reports. The company’s staff and non-operating partners now have easy access to the data they need in a secure environment in the field office, or corporate headquarters.

“We are extremely proud to have been selected by Browning Oil Company and look forward to solving their land information management challenges,”
said Chetan Chouhan, Co-Founder of Archeio. “Leasing property entails large scale due diligence and legal analysis, which generates a massive amount of critical information to manage,” Chouhan said. He added, “we are committed to helping operators better classify, manage and search this data, which is why there is a growing use case for SkyWell to address the complex document management needs on the land and legal side of the energy industry.” By securely storing well and land files in the cloud and improving data consumption through its smart search technology, Archeio accelerates lease analysis and improves asset management for energy companies. Archeio’s list of clients who are using SkyWell to manage and search proprietary information is growing and most recently includes one of the largest acreage holders in the Denver-Julesburg (DJ) Basin. Source / More: Archeio Technologies oilandgasOil and Gas News Undiluted !!! “The squeaky wheel gets the oil” Follow us: @OilAndGasPress on Twitter | OilAndGasPress on Facebook]]>