Buru Energy provides weekly update on drilling operations at the Ungani Far West-1 appraisal well.

Since the last progress report, the well has been drilled ahead in 6-1/8” (156mm) hole to the current depth of 2,316 metres in the interpreted shale formation overlying the Ungani Dolomite. A trip out of the hole was then made to change a logging-while-drilling tool. Wireline logs were then run to evaluate the hydrocarbon shows seen while drilling the section. The wireline logs indicated several zones of interest and a wireline pressure testing and sampling program has been conducted.
This program has identified a five meter sandstone interval at the top of the Anderson Formation at a depth of some 1,560 meters with good permeability (~450md) , from which an oil sample was recovered. Oil has subsequently been recovered at surface from the well bore. Interpretation of pressure data indicates a potential oil column of at least 14 meters of which some five meters is net pay. The sampling program to confirm these results is currently ongoing.
Following the completion of the logging and sampling program the well will continue to be drilled ahead to the top of the Ungani Dolomite reservoir where 5” (127mm) casing will be run and Atlas Rig 2 will then be released. Specialist coring rig DDH1 Rig 31 will then be rigged up and conduct coring operations through the Ungani Dolomite reservoir section.
The well is located on an all weather drilling pad approx. one kilometer off the Ungani access road within Production License L21, 97 kms east of Broome and 3.3 kms southwest of Buru Energy’s Ungani Oilfield in the Canning Basin of northwestern Australia.
The well is being drilled under the terms of the Ungani Development Funding agreement with Diamond Resources (Fitzroy). Equity and contributing interest for the well are as follows: Buru Energy 50% (contributing interest 0%); Diamond Resources (Fitzroy) 50% (contributing interest 100%).
Buru Energy’s Executive Chairman, Eric Streitberg said about the results:

‘This is an excellent outcome for the Ungani area and the Canning Basin generally with an oil discovery in a new play for the Ungani area. There has been previous oil production from the Anderson Formation in the Canning Basin but it was on the Lennard Shelf in Buru Energy’s Blina tenements on the other side of the Canning Basin, over 125 kms from this discovery. Not only is this a play opening discovery in the Ungani area but there are numerous leads and prospects at this shallower level in the area and these will now be evaluated for future drilling. We will now drill on and see what awaits us in the Ungani Dolomite section which is the main target of the well.’

Source: Buru Energy, ASX Release
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