CME Group Launches the ‘Futures Institute’ to Help Develop Traders in the Futures Markets

CME Group Launches the ‘Futures Institute’ to Help Develop Traders in the Futures Markets

CME Group, the world’s leading and most diverse derivatives marketplace, announced the launch of the Futures Institute, an innovative new online platform for futures and options on futures education, trading simulation and market research. The Futures Institute works with partners across the industry to distribute best-in-class education aimed at providing market participants with the knowledge and resources to trade futures.

The Futures Institute offers a blend of live instruction, interactive training modules, market research and training. Through the interactive Web site, participants learn about the futures markets and are exposed to numerous trading strategies with the ability to test them out in our simulated trading environment.

“Our goal with the Futures Institute is to provide a centralized place for traders to enhance their skills and education on futures and options on futures,” said Bryan Durkin, CME Group’s Chief Commercial Officer. “We are pleased with this additional opportunity to actively engage with current and new traders of all types, providing them with the tools and resources needed to discover opportunities and enhance their trading of futures.”
Participants also can enter a Futures Challenge with fellow traders. The challenge provides them with the ability to trade 36 of the most liquid futures contracts across six asset classes – Equity Indexes, Energy, Metals, FX, Interest Rates and Agriculture. While competing, traders will also be exposed to training modules that cover a variety of topics including building a trade plan, risk management, and technical & fundamental market analysis.

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