CNPC Offshore Engineering Company completed the first engineering package of Yamal LNG Project

CNPC Offshore Engineering Company (CPOE) officially delivered the FWP5 engineering package of Russia’s Yamal LNG Project to its owner as it was loaded on board in Qingdao City, Shandong Province in China. After one year’s construction, FWP5 is the first to be completed among over 20 engineering packages of the Yamal project.
Yamal LNG project is the world’s largest one and located in the extremely cold area in Russia. The project facilities are to be built by modules which are constructed in different regions around the world and then transported to the Yamal Peninsula for on-site assembling. Besides FWP5, CPOE has won the bidding of other three engineering packages, i.e., FWP1D, MWP10A and AMWP4. And the AMWP4 is expected to be completed in the first half of 2016.
The FWP5 engineering package is constructed by bolting more than 15,000 structural parts, with the dimensional deviation for each part being controlled within 0.1mm. Strict standards are applied during construction, e.g. 114 parameters are measured in order to examine a 12m-long structural part.
The project quality of FWP5 is highly appraised by the project owner and the general contractor.
Source: CNPC
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