Dana Gas CEO Calls for an Active Role for Private Sector Companies in the Energy Industry

Dana Gas, the Middle East’s first and largest regional private sector Natural Gas Company, is taking part in the 14th Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference (ADIPEC), held from 1 – 4 November. In a keynote address during the Executive Plenary Session titled ‘Delivering Energy in the Low Carbon Era: Challenges and Opportunities, Mr. Ahmed Al Arbeed, CEO, Dana Gas, stressed the importance of a more active role on behalf of the private sector, which would ultimately benefit the region as a whole.

In his speech Mr. Al Arbeed called for a concrete adaptation across the region to meet increasing demand for Gas, given the fact that it sits on roughly 45 percent of the world’s proved reserves of gas, and only provides 19 percent of the global gas supply.

“MENA countries will need to priorities gas-sector investments, following the lead of countries like Qatar and Egypt, if the region as a whole is to do its part to meet the global energy challenge and to capture an appropriate share of the emerging global gas market,” Al Arbeed said.

The energy sector in the Middle East has remained largely in the public domain since the string of nationalizations in the 1970s. Dana Gas, which was established in 2005, was the first private company involved in the Natural Gas sector and serves as a prime example of how a private company can provide unsurpassed quality of service to governments seeking to tap into their Natural Gas resources.

In his closing remarks, Al Arbeed lauded the flexibility and ability of the private sector in the energy industry to perform under a range of circumstances, which will ultimately gather results in terms of increased efficiency and higher levels of output: “The private sector has a lot to offer. It is highly efficient, fast moving, entrepreneurial and innovative: it has to be, to compete Internationally for capital.”

Dana Gas’ participation at the event was strong, having exhibited amongst 1,500 companies and organizations from over 56 countries. The presence of Dana Gas at one of the region’s most important energy exhibitions and conferences underscores its presence and role as the largest regional private sector natural gas company.

ADIPEC is a leading energy industry conference in the UAE and across the Middle East, with leading national and international companies, energy industry professionals, commentators, government officials and industry players participating in the event. ADIPEC 2010 is expected to host over 45,000 industry participants from over 90 countries.

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