Deep Casing Tools awarded significant order in Saudi Arabia

Deep Casing Tools, the Aberdeen-based casing and completion technology specialist, has secured a major order in Saudi Arabia following the introduction of its innovative high-speed drillable reaming system, the Turbocaser Express.
Successful runs in the Kingdom’s Eastern Province resulted in landing casing and liners on depth with both 7′ and 9 5/8′ Turbocaser Express tools and have led a major national oil company to commit to applying the technology in some of its more difficult well environments.
Landing casing and liners in mature fields, with highly deviated wells, altered pressure regimes and frequently unstable formations, can be very challenging, leading to multiple sidetracks and casings set off-depth. The economic impact can be serious, with expenditure overruns and delayed production. The Turbocaser Express is an enabling technology for all wells, to ensure casing is set at the planned depth, a fundamental building block of improved well integrity. The Turbocaser Express has particular application where hole conditions can deteriorate with time and where wiper trips can be eliminated.
The Turbocaser Express delivers a step change in drilling industry process. It enables casings and intermediate liners to be landed at target depth first time. After normal cementation, the unique internal assembly can be drilled through in minutes in one cost effective operation.
Deep Casing Tools CEO Lance Davis said: ‘This order, for Q2 and Q3 delivery, is well in excess of $1.5 million, and is a major milestone in the growth of Deep Casing Tools, both in the Middle East, and globally. We are very appreciative of the customer’s willingness to trial and approve our tools, and then reward performance with a major order.’
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