Different Oil Prices in the World

Oilprice have just finished an 18-month project to bring all of the different oil prices in the world out into the public domain and for free to bring more transparency to markets. This product has never been available to the public and was quite expensive access in the past.

Source / More:oilprice.com/oil-price-charts

Most people don’t realize just how many oil prices there are in the world and will be shocked to find out that on the 11th of October there was a 67.18% price differential between two oil blends. Oil prices ranged from $35.50 to $59.35, the monopoly that data companies held over the industry meant that the price of oil was simply reported as $50.79 – the price of WTI.

While WTI is undoubtedly significant, it represents only a fraction of the most important market in the world.

Click here for sample of the other blends available:

OPEC and Middle East Blends (Including all Iranian blends, Bonny light, Kuwait, Dubai, Middle East Sour and Iraq blends
Almost all U.S. and Canadian blends (hundreds of blends), All Mexican blends & other Latin American blends,Russian Blends
Chinese & Asian blends

The significance of this data in everything from geopolitics to finance is undeniable.

Brent spot prices have risen above $60 per barrel.
Brent North Sea: $62.78 per barrel
West Texas Intermediate: $56.80 per barrel
OPEC daily basket price stood at $61.91 a barrel Friday, 10 November 2017

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