Endurant Energy Acquires Specialist Ground Source Heat Pump System Designers GEOptimize

With GEOptimize in-house, Endurant Energy’s position as the leading North American design-build-own-operate geothermal heat exchange system developer is confirmed, while GEOptimize is positioned for further growth.

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Distributed energy resource (DER) developer Endurant Energy (Endurant) today announced the completed acquisition of specialist geothermal heating and cooling and ground source heat pump (GSHP) design company, GEOptimize, Inc.

Endurant’s ownership positions GEOptimize to accelerate growth by taking advantage of the increased interest in low-carbon heating and cooling solution utilizing GSHPs. With GEOptimize in-house, Endurant’s position as North America’s market leading geothermal developer is strengthened.

GEOptimize supports every aspect of geothermal feasibility and design, ensuring the long term and efficient operations of a system. Their specialist geo-forensics monitoring and troubleshooting services can improve design on existing systems. They also offer highly commended Certified Geothermal Design courses for sustainable energy professionals.

Endurant is a full-service developer and owner of cost-effective, resilient, and sustainable energy solutions. It serves a wide range of sectors including education, commercial, industrial, real estate, healthcare, hospitality, and public utilities. Endurant offers a host of full-service clean energy solutions incorporating GSHPs, including microgrids and integrated eco-districts. Having been involved in the origins of the technology, Endurant pioneered the energy foundation concept, installing geothermal loops as concrete is poured into piles. Recently, Endurant was awarded multiple NYSERDA grants to undertake feasibility studies for GHSPs across NY State.

“Following the investment in Endurant by LS Power, we have been able to grow our business both organically and by acquisition, rapidly positioning ourselves as the go-to DER provider in north America,” said Tom Chadwick, CEO of Endurant. “As we decarbonize our energy system and rely more heavily on electricity, the value of reliability and resilience is increasing. GSHPs are a key part of the solution. We have huge respect for Ed’s and his team’s skills and are glad to be able to incorporate them into Endurant’s offering ever-more seamlessly.”

Ed Lohrenz, GEOptimize’s Principal said, “When working with Endurant on several projects in the last few years they demonstrated their commitment to doing things the right way, ensuring their customers achieve the reductions in energy use and cost and at the same time reducing CO2 emissions from their projects. It is exciting to join a company with the resources and people needed to take the GSHP industry to another level, and we’re looking forward to working closely with Tony Amis, who is a world expert in deploying Energy Foundations and complex geothermal solutions.”

Since its inception in 2013, GEOptimize has focused on optimizing the design and performance of GSHP systems with iterative building energy modeling and computer simulations of geothermal systems, from large-scale districts to individual buildings. Endurant has been at the forefront of innovative and sustainable GSHP solutions, having designed and built several marquee projects across the country, such as the borehole solution for the Georgina and Emma Bloomberg building on Cornell Tech’s STEM campus in NYC.

GEOptimize will continue to be led by world-renowned Ed Lohrenz and supported by existing employees. Plans are already underway to expand the organization to accelerate its growth, both through supporting Endurant’s work and working as a consultant to others.

GEOptimize is based in Winnipeg, Canada. Endurant is headquartered in Chicago, with offices in New York City as well as Anaheim and Beverly Hills, California.

About GEOptimize:

GEOptimize focuses on the design and optimization of geothermal heating and cooling solutions utilizing ground source heat pump systems and ground heat exchangers. The firm has expertise in creating the iterative energy model required to reduce the size and cost of a ground heat exchanger while ensuring it will perform efficiently for the life of the building.

About Endurant Energy:

Endurant Energy develops and owns reliable, resilient, clean, and cost-effective on-site energy infrastructure solutions across the US. It has expertise in a wide range of solutions including renewable thermal systems at single building or district scale, fuel-based technologies for resiliency, solar + storage solutions, and an integrated offering for eco-districts. Services include planning, financial structuring, design, and construction. Asset management services include operations and maintenance. By integrating solutions into clients’ operations, Endurant is enabling the future of sustainable distributed energy. For more information, please visit endurant.com and follow us on Twitter at @endurantenergy.


Dave Yanni

Chief Development Officer