Enersponse Doubles Down on Carbon Management and Reporting Capabilities to Further Support Client ESG Initiatives

Leading Distributed Energy Resource Management Firm Achieves Major Decarbonization Success in 2022 and Announces Enhanced Clean ResponseTM and ESG Impact Statements to Promote Increased CO2 Reduction in 2023

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#DEREnersponse, a leading distributed energy resource (DER) management provider that helped clients avoid an impressive three million+ pounds of CO2 last year through Automated Demand Response (Auto-DR) participation, today announced the enhancement of its Clean ResponseTM and ESG reporting capabilities to create even more decarbonization success in 2023. Clean Response users will continue to avoid heavy energy consumption when the electricity grid’s carbon intensity is high but now with even more granularity and visibility—by way of a recent partnership with the leading grid carbon data and analytics platform, Singularity Energy.

With a keen focus on meeting and exceeding customer goals to save energy and reduce emissions, we are always looking for new and innovative ways to elevate Enersponse’s in-platform capabilities,” said James Muraca, chief technology officer at Enersponse. “We place a high priority on not only supporting client corporate responsibility initiatives with our energy management solutions but also providing seamless access to real-time, data-rich impact statements that can be leveraged to showcase their ESG achievements.”

In June of 2022, Enersponse launched Clean Response, a first-of-its-kind product that reduces customer energy usage when the grid is generating the majority of its power through “dirty,” or non-renewable forms of energy like natural gas or coal. Clean Response is complementary to Enersponse’s Auto-DR programs and advances customer decarbonization initiatives by synching with individual building control systems to access real-time energy curtailment. After an event, the information collected is then automatically turned into detailed impact statements showcasing how much CO2 has been avoided or reduced by users across their business’s portfolio.

With a like-minded approach to introducing cutting-edge energy conservation solutions and technology to the market, we are proud to be joining forces with a forward-thinking energy curtailment provider like Enersponse,” said Wenbo Shi, Founder & CEO at Singularity Energy. “Our goal is to help all our partners better understand and take action to reduce their grid emissions. We appreciate Enersponse’s dedication to the important mission of reducing grid emissions.”

By combining the intelligently automated energy reduction capabilities of Clean Response with Singularity’s advanced data and analytics platform, both organizations will prioritize customer ESG goals while enabling a more simplified approach to corporate sustainability reporting.

Enersponse prioritizes exceeding its decarbonization achievements year-over-year, so we’re excited for our users to realize even more benefits from the customer-centric improvements made to Clean Response and its impact statements, which are sure to take our clients’ corporate sustainability efforts to the next level,” concluded Muraca.

To learn more, visit www.enersponse.com.

About Enersponse: Enersponse is an energy resource management platform that works with power providers across the country to aggregate their distributed energy resource (DER) and rebate programs with clients across the U.S. to maximize financial incentives by automating load reduction responses. This process helps providers maintain a stable grid; saves customers money; earns them passive income through rebates from utilities; and helps achieve corporate social responsibility objectives. The company’s intelligent automation-powered distributed energy resource platform is connected to hundreds of power generators across North America, all dispatchable to customers’ existing control systems. Enersponse’s advanced technology keeps track of what’s happening down to a micro-locational level—even for large enterprises with facilities distributed across multiple power grid providers— by monitoring weather patterns, system outages and energy pricing fluctuations. It then syncs the data collected with pre-set client preferences to intelligently adjust power use in real time without the need for human intervention. This means less stress on internal resources and an automated one-stop-shop solution for consolidating all available energy conservation programs to maximize cost savings—ultimately paying customers and their control companies to save power.

About Singularity Energy: Founded in 2018, Singularity Energy is the most intelligent grid decarbonization platform built by experienced power systems and software experts from Harvard, MIT, and Johns Hopkins. Singularity’s platform provides high-quality, time and location-based grid emissions data and a suite of innovative products such as developer APIs and intelligent tools for grid operators, utilities, companies and service providers to build data-driven decarbonization solutions. Singularity Energy is a winner of the Harvard Physical Science & Engineering Accelerator, the Greentown Labs Bold Idea Challenge in partnership with Schneider Electric, the National Science Foundation Small Business Innovation Research Grant and URBAN-X company.


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