Eni’s digital transformation with the HPC4 supercomputer

They range from the improvement of the staff’s health and safety to a further increase in the plants’ level of reliability, operability and technical integrity, with knock-on benefits in terms of both safety and environmental impact; and from a strengthening of economic-operational performance to the development of new business models and the acceleration of decision-making processes, which will become increasingly data-driven. In the long term, this digital transformation is part of a broader process of evolution that will make Eni even more integrated in its processes, as well as increasingly capable of combining emerging digital competences with traditional technical skills, open to innovation, in collaboration with the most advanced technological start-ups, quicker in operational and work processes, and increasingly attractive to young talent. Eni’s first contact with the digital world was with the first powerful computers and proprietary software associated with the calculation and elaboration of enormous quantities of data: those related to exploration, as well as those simulating reservoir fluid dynamics. Subsequently, the company began developing proprietary algorithms in its exploration activities. Since 2000, Eni has rewritten its algorithms, engineering them accoring to an integrated hardware structure (CPU+GPU) that makes it possible to overcome sequential logic and to work with calculation clusters. In this way, every elaboration is broken down into separate “jobs” that are then recomposed, making it possible to work in parallel and more quickly. Today, the addition of the HPC4 to Eni’s supercomputing system provides the company with a computing infrastructure with a peak capacity of 22.4 Petaflops, or 22.4 million billion mathematical operations per second. But while power and technology, even in their most advanced forms, can provide fundamental competitive advantages, they are unproductive tools without human skills. In fact, Eni’s computing infrastructure operates on the basis of a single highly advanced and complex proprietary algorithm ecosystem, created and developed over a decade, and based on the company’s experience and know-how, in partnership with some of Italy’s most important research institutes. Having a program created and developed internally means having complete control, flexibility and speed, as well as facilitating the continuous development of skills. Eni’s supercomputers provide strategic support for the company’s digital transformation process across the entire value chain, from the exploration and development phases of oil and gas fields to the management of big data generated during operations by all of the Group’s productive assets (upstream, refining and chemicals). Eni’s supercomputer system is located at its Green Data Center, the home of Eni’s digital evolution. Source / More: Eni World’s most powerful computing system in the industrial sector. oilandgasOil and Gas News Undiluted !!! “The squeaky wheel gets the oil” Report your news Follow us: @OilAndGasPress on Twitter | OilAndGasPress on Facebook]]>