Gazprom secures gas supplies to southern Kyrgyzstan

Gazprom secures gas supplies to southern Kyrgyzstan

Natural gas supplies to the South of Kyrgyzstan were renewed after an eight-month stoppage. This was achieved due to the accord between Gazprom and the Uzbekneftegaz petroleum company for 2015, stipulating the annual supply of up to 100 million cubic meters of natural gas to the southern regions of the country.


On April 10, 2014 Gazprom and Kyrgyzgaz signed the Sales and Purchase Agreement for a 100 per cent stake of KyrgyzgazProm (renamed Gazprom Kyrgyzstan), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kyrgyzgaz. Gazprom Kyrgyzstan is the sole importer of natural gas to Kyrgyzstan and the owner of the domestic gas transmission and distribution systems.
The Uzbekneftegaz petroleum company is a vertically integrated three-level holding dealing with gas exploration, production, transmission and marketing.


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