Gazprom to reduce number of ownerless gas networks

The Gazprom Board of Directors reviewed the information on the measures undertaken to inventory ownerless gas facilities in the Russian regions, as well as to optimize the procedure of their transfer to specialized organizations for further operation in line with the Russian laws.

It was noted that proper operation and timely technical maintenance of the gas networks is the responsibility of their lawful owner. Technical works at the facilities of this kind are to be performed by specialized organizations in order to ensure reliability and safety. At the same time, the length of gas networks with no known owner (ownerless networks) and no proper maintenance within the area of operation of the Gazprom Group’s gas distribution organizations totaled 6,651 kilometers as of March 1, 2019, with the issue being especially acute in the North Caucasus Federal District, which accounts for 48 per cent of said ownerless networks.

Gazprom actively participates in the efforts carried out to identify ownerless networks. In particular, the Gazprom Group’s gas distribution organizations are inventorying gas distribution networks within the areas of their responsibility and informing local authorities of any ownerless property detected.

Gazprom jointly with the federal authorities is preparing proposals for updating the existing legislation in order to settle the issue of ownerless gas pipelines. The proposals are aimed at optimizing the ownership registration procedure. For instance, the Company is seeking to alter the one-year time period required to register a gas facility as an ownerless property, reducing it to three months.

The Management Committee has been tasked with further implementation of the measures for inventorying ownerless gas facilities and enhancing the procedure of their handover to specialized organizations for further operation in line with the laws of the Russian Federation.

Source / More : Information Directorate, Gazprom


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