GE Expands Its Technology Offerings for the Unconventional Resources Sector

Introducing Modular Frac Manifolds
– New Product Has Key Safety, Cost-Saving Features
– Offers Major Benefits for Shale Gas Field Operators
– flexibility to Support Specific Well Site Requirements
GE Oil & Gas’ (NYSE: GE) Pressure Control business today announced it is adding modular frac manifolds to its fracturing services portfolio. Unveiled at the 2013 Offshore Technology Conference (OTC), the new product expands GE’s support of operators in the unconventional market, including shale gas.
GE’s modular frac manifold is a skid-mounted assembly designed to safely allow simultaneous frac operations on multiple well pads, resulting in time savings. Each self-contained unit consists of a customized array of actuated valves, blocks and frac head outlets and is engineered to safely isolate each well during stimulation. Multiple manifolds can be installed side by side to accommodate each customer’s specific well site requirements.
“Unconventional gas and oil production is a rapidly expanding global industry and is a strategic imperative for GE Oil & Gas. With the introduction of modular frac manifolds, we are further demonstrating our commitment to this industry sector by providing the right technology and business model to help customers optimize their operations,” said Ian Milne, president of GE Oil & Gas’s Pressure Control business.
The new product’s modular design allows units to be shipped to and from well sites with GE crane trucks, which reduces freight costs by eliminating the need for “wide load” permitting. A unique hydraulic jacking system moves manifold units together to assembly, enabling quicker and safer installation.
Other key benefits include:
– The hand wheel is ergonomically designed at stand level within the safety zone to minimize restrictive movements.
– Unit-connecting spools with a rotating flange provide adjustability to overcome minor alignment issues.
– A double-acting hydraulic actuator with manual override ensures proper flow control and shut off even if the hydraulic system has been interrupted.
– Self-contained units act as barriers to hold fluids and assist in preventing environmental issues.
“Although frac manifolds are not new to the unconventional sector, we feel GE’s Modular Frac Manifold offers unique customer benefits. We currently have operator commitments to utilize this technology in the field,” said Milne.
The new modular frac manifold is the latest addition to GE’s wide portfolio of products for the unconventional resources market, which encompasses nearly 40 technologies from across separate GE business units. They include submersible and surface pumps, pressure control systems, compressors, drilling measurement tools, meters, pipeline solutions, sensors, gas engines for on-site power generation, motors, valves and water filtration technologies.
Source: GE
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