Golar LNG Contemplated buy-back of bonds

Golar LNG Limited (“Golar”) announces an offer to buy-back parts of its USD 300,000,000 senior unsecured bonds maturing 20 October 2025 (with ISIN NO 0011123432) for cash (the “Buy-Back Offer”).

DNB Markets (the “Manager”) is acting as manager of the Buy-Back Offer. The Buy-Back Offer will be conducted as a “Reverse Dutch Auction”, where bondholders can offer bonds, at desired volumes and prices, to Golar, through the Manager. Golar reserves the right to accept any volume up to an accepted price, or to reject all received offers.

All bondholders, subject to legal constraints (if any) are hereby invited to provide offers for sale of all or a portion of their bonds through submission of the attached bondholders offer form (the “Bondholders Offer Form”). The final date for submission is 16:00 CET, 9 December 2022. On or prior to 09:00 CET on 12 December 2022, Golar will decide upon the highest buy-back price (the “Buy-Back Price”) acceptable and consequently the total amount of bonds to be repurchased, if any.

All bondholders with offers equaling the Buy-Back Price or lower will receive the Buy-Back Price (plus accrued interest) on allocated amounts up to the amounts offered within the accepted maximum price. Golar may in its sole discretion reduce the number of Bonds to be acquired on a pro rata basis for Bonds offered at the Buy-Back Price. Cash settlement is set to 15 December 2022.

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