IOR & EOR Experts to meet in Dubai

IOR & EOR Experts to meet in Dubai

On 16 – 18 February this year, regional and international experts in Improved and Enhanced Oil Recovery will gather in Dubai, UAE for the 12th global edition of IOR/EOR Global Praxis Interactive Technology Workshop. This workshop will discuss some of the challenges on CO2 and surfactant mix use in EOR, as well as exploring advanced chemical EOR, best practices in screening and design of EOR projects, evaluating reservoir surveillance & monitoring, optimizing production through EOR & innovative technologies.

A large number of oil fields around the globe are maturing and producing less oil, and those affected are looking to Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) to maintain or increase their oil production levels. Many countries rely heavily on oil production for their financial health and are becoming increasingly willing to invest in EOR, especially the growing number of successful EOR projects which increases the relevance of research and development schemes.

Many regions are jumping into the world of EOR. The Middle East previously did not have much of a need for EOR due to its huge amount of oil reserves, and lower oil prices did not encourage unnecessary experimentation. This is quickly changing, however. Many oil fields in the Middle East are maturing and are producing less oil, while other fields in the region are nearing their peak oil production limits and their operators are proactively looking to EOR to maintain steady production in the future. The Middle East is foreseen to be completely immersed in the EOR scene by 2021, with the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Oman leading the way.

The workshop’s Executive Steering Committee and Speaker Panel is led by Dr. Hussain Ahmed, who will deliver a master class on Exploring CO2 applications in the Middle East. The committee and speaker panel consists of Jan Nieuwerf, Director – Azuren; Dr. Sola Kasim, Researcher, Energy and Economics – University of Abeerdeen; Aziz Arshad, Senior Researcher – King Fahad University of Petroleum and Minerals; Dr. Reza Ozkui, EOR Scientist – Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research; and Abdulrazag Zekri, Petroleum Engineering Professor – UAE University; to name a few.

Among the key topics that will be discussed are: Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Miscible Flooding in Tight Oil Reservoirs at High Temperature and Pressure, Optimizing Production through Thermal EOR and Innovative technologies in IOR, Advanced Chemical EOR; and Laboratory Investigation of the Mechanism of Low-Salinity Water Flooding in Carbonate Reservoirs.

Join the industry experts in Dubai to discuss the latest trends and innovations in applications of IOR & EOR and exchange insights with other experts.


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