Iran to double oil exports

Iran to double oil exports

Spokesman for the government Mohammad-Baqer Nobakht said here Tuesday that the country is determined to double exports of oil and gas condensate.

About Iran’s assets which were frozen due to anti-Iran sanctions in recent years, Nobakht said the assets will be allocated to employment and promotion of production.

Talking to reporters at his weekly press briefing, Nobakht assured that the country will not focus on ‘imports’ unless it is necessary to the domestic production.

The government has planned to control inflation through increase in domestic production, said the official.

Asked about remarks made by some sides of the nuclear negotiations, Nobakht said there is no need to waste time on those trivial things, instead, we hold constructive talks with foreign economic delegations.

map-of-iranHe further said the government responds to those unwise remarks whenever it is necessary.

The US, he noted, should brief its political rivals on Iran’s full rights to join fuel cycle and witness removal of sanctions.

Iran’s friends in the region are happy for the July 14 nuclear agreement, said Nobakht, adding the country’s enemies like the Zionist regime are mourning.

Also, Nobakht lamented the Sunday storm and flood in Tehran and Alborz provinces that left scores dead and injured as well as serious damage to properties.

He said the cabinet is to review the issue during its session.

Source: IRNA

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