MudLabs™ Announce Next Generation Digital Drilling Fluid Performance Management

Measuring particle size effectively in real time can almost double your drilling ROP while cutting total drilling costs by 40% or more as seen on over 500 unique drilling operations”
MudLabs™, LLC, operating in its 4th year, Houston based company has deployed a digital drilling fluid
performance monitoring system that reduces drilling time by optimizing the drilling fluid using a particle size and API measurement/analysis.

This system enhances forty-year old manual methods currently used on drilling rigs and is quickly becoming the new best practice for managing drilling fluid and drilling performance.

The science resides in optimizing drilling fluids by improving the removal or diluting out when necessary low gravity solids. The drilling time reduction has been validated during field operations on more than 500 wells and 16,000
particle size analysis checks.
MudLabs™ technology is becoming an integral part of the emerging Digital Oilfield Solutions. In addition to the reduction of time and expense, this technology is being implemented as a “green” solution,reducing the amount of drilling waste reducing the time and expense for decontamination, transportation,and disposal.
This patented technology is available to be purchased for installation on Land Rigs, Offshore rigs as well as integration into existing mobile mud labs, mud plants, and labs; training centers and services company equipment. Internally, the company utilize this technology to power our MudLabs™ services division that provides 24/7 rig-site testing, and contract services providing particle size and drilling fluid analysis onsite.
The fully outfitted MudLabs™ mobile laboratory increases full integration of drilling fluids performance,optimization through drilling fluid vendor performance management, while increasing ROP and reducing non-productive and downtime.
MudLabs™ also operates a state of the art drilling fluids laboratory. Successful stories surround thousands of processed samples that have been mailed in from domestic and international drilling operations. Part of the MudLabs™ services is the application for single tests, as a subscription or a remote drilling fluids optimization service.
Source: MudLabs™
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