Neste and HCS Group to form an extensive partnership for renewable distillates

Neste and HCS Group to form an extensive partnership for renewable distillates

Neste, the world’s leading producer of premium-quality renewable fuels and the HCS Group (Haltermann Carless Solutions), a leading global manufacturer of high-quality hydrocarbon and chemical specialty products, are establishing a preferred partnership for renewable distillate products. Using its patented NEXBTL technology, Neste will supply Haltermann Carless with renewable components, which will be further processed into new, customized bio-products for various industrial applications.
For customers, the renewable downstream products will not only reduce the environmental impacts but also be of a premium quality. They are sustainable and biodegradable, and also have a low sulfur and aromatic content. Renewable distillates can be used in various applications such as metal working fluids, paints, coatings, printing inks, lubricants, water treatment, detergents, hydraulics, and cosmetics.

“Our NEXBTL renewable products are ideal for the chemical industry because no modifications are needed for existing processes and significant environmental benefits can be achieved”, explains Kaisa Hietala, Neste’s Executive Vice President, Renewable Products. “This collaboration is an important step to growing our foothold in the chemical industry, where the demand for renewable components is increasing.”

“The HCS Group considers chemical products based on renewable feedstocks as a key enabler for true sustainability. Biobased solutions originating from renewable distillates powerfully solve existing and upcoming challenges that the chemical industry is facing. We are excited to expand our solutions portfolio in collaboration with a dedicated partner like Neste”, says Dr. Uwe Nickel, CEO of the HCS Group.

The chemical composition of Neste’s NEXBTL renewable products is comparable to their fossil equivalents. They can replace fossil materials which significantly reduces the environmental impact of the end-products throughout their lifecycle.


Neste produces NEXBTL products intended for chemical industry applications at its refineries in Singapore, The Netherlands and Finland.

Source: Neste Corporation

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