Neste Oil Announce safety award for its contractors

Neste Oil Announce safety award for its contractors

Neste Oil has decided to establish a safety award for its contractor companies. The award will be granted annually to a contractor that has improved its safety practices, worked diligently for safety and performed its work safely and with a high quality. The first award is granted to Bilfinger Industrial Services Finland Oy, working as a contractor at the Porvoo and Naantali production plants. The winner of the award was announced at Neste Oil’s Annual General Meeting on April 1, 2015.

“Our aim is to be at the top of our industry in safety as well, and we are monitoring the company’s safety development with the same accuracy as our financial performance. With the safety award, we also want to encourage the contractors working at our refineries to develop their operations and safety culture. We all share a common goal: we want our production to run without unscheduled interruptions and everyone to return home healthy after a safe working day,” says Matti Lievonen, President and CEO of Neste Oil.

The recipient of the first safety award, Bilfinger, specializes in the installation of industrial pipelines, industrial maintenance, workshop services and electrical and instrumentation installations and the company has developed occupational safety actively with the refinery personnel.

“Bilfinger works responsibly at the refinery and follows instructions. In particular, the active approach of the supervisors and their uncompromising attitude are reflected in the work of all of their employees. They also actively pinpoint any needs for development they observe,” Lievonen adds.

Work by contractors plays a significant role

There are a large number of contractors working in Neste Oil’s refinery operations in Finland and abroad. The services provided by contractor companies are particularly important in the servicing and maintenance of Neste Oil’s refineries.
“Safety must be earned every day, and this is achieved by contractors responsible for a major part of maintenance work in addition to our in-house employees. We want our contractors to work at least as safely as we do, and we want both of us to learn good and safe operating methods from each other,” Lievonen says.

Source: Neste Oil

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