Neste’s actions to prevent deforestation

Neste’s actions to prevent deforestation

Neste continues to be the only company in the energy sector to transparently report on its forest footprint as part of the globally acknowledged CDP Forests program.

Neste’s deforestation risks are primarily related to its use of crude palm oil. CDP Forests program assessed Neste’s efforts to manage these risks and gave the company a Leadership status A- (ranging from “A” for leadership to “F” for failing to report). Scoring was undertaken by sustainability solutions provider South Pole Group.

Neste continues to focus heavily on continuously developing the sustainability of its crude palm oil supply chain, despite the fact that crude palm oil represents less than 20% of all renewable raw material volumes that the company uses annually. Neste’s portfolio of renewable raw materials consists of over ten different raw materials, primarily wastes and residues.

    No-deforestation proceeds; traceability still a major challenge for most

In recent years, many of the largest companies that consume forest-risk commodities have made public commitments to prevent deforestation, or have otherwise set quantified targets for obtaining these commodities from sustainable sources. The most advanced consumer goods companies aim to develop their sourcing in order to become fully traceable and certified by 2020.

With regards to its palm oil sourcing, Neste committed itself to a similar target in 2009, setting 2015 as the target for 100% certification. Neste reached this target in 2013, two years ahead of the set date. Neste had established full traceability of all the palm oil volumes it utilized already in 2007 when the company first started refining its renewable fuels.

Global Forests report states that although a minority (40%) of manufacturers and retailers report that they can trace more than 90% of their consumption across commodities to some extent, only 30% can trace those commodities all the way back to the point of origin.

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