Neste’s renewable fuel patent portfolio becomes stronger

Neste’s renewable fuel patent portfolio becomes stronger

Neste’s patent portfolio in renewable fuels has strengthened with new patents in Europe and the United States. The patents further strengthen Neste’s NEXBTL patent portfolio both geographically and in terms of duration, as the patents will remain in force in the United States and extensively in Europe up to 2025.

“Neste is the world’s largest producer of premium-quality renewable diesel. The new patents granted for the company’s proprietary NEXBTL technology are yet another indication of the pioneering nature and innovation of our technology. This encourages us to continue our cutting-edge R&D work, aiming to find new alternatives to fossil fuels,” says Lars Peter Lindfors, SVP, Technology at Neste.

NEXBTL technology makes it possible to produce renewable products from vegetable oils and waste fats. Low-emission NEXBTL renewable products can replace fossil feedstocks in diverse fuel and chemical industry applications. Renewable products are produced at the company’s refineries in Finland, Rotterdam and Singapore. Neste’s combined annual renewable product production capacity exceeds 2 million tons.

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