New General Manager at DEA Egypt

New General Manager at DEA Egypt

The new General Manager for Egypt is Dr Hans-Hermann Ecke, who is responsible for the business of the Egyptian subsidiary of DEA Deutsche Erdoel AG based in Cairo since the beginning of March.

“I am looking forward to the upcoming tasks in Egypt, where DEA has already been part of the oil and gas industry for more than 40 years,” says Dr Hans-Hermann Ecke. “With our Disouq natural gas project, we have recently been able to more than double our oil and gas production in Egypt. Being the operator, we are working intensively on the further development of this project.”

Dr Hans-Hermann Ecke has a PHD in geology. He is well experienced in Egypt‘s upstream industry and DEA Egypt’s E&P projects from his earlier employment as General Manager in the period from 2009 to 2011.

Source: DEA

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