Oando recorded a safety milestone of three years of continuous operations without a Lost Time Injury (LTI) on its flagship rig

Oando Energy Services Limited (“OESL”) Nigeria’s leading indigenous operator of swamp drilling rigs services and a subsidiary of Oando PLC (“Oando”) is proud to announce that it has recorded a safety milestone of three years of continuous operations without a Lost Time Injury (LTI) on its flagship rig, OES Integrity on Friday, August 10, 2012.
This achievement reflects Oando’ s commitment to Health, Safety, and Environment values, and affirms the company’s determination to remain a leading service provider in Nigeria’s oil and gas industry. LTI is an industry Key Performance Indicator (KPI), which measures adherence to safety and environmental requirements by evaluating the number of injury-bearing incidents capable of preventing a worker from performing or continuing with a task or resulting in downtime in operations.
OES Integrity rig was contracted to a leading international oil company in December 2009 and has successfully drilled, completed and worked over more than 14 wells, without any show-stopping incident. With a 3,000 hp modern swamp barge is equipped with 15,000 psi Blowout Preventers (BOP), OES Integrity is the only rig in Nigeria capable of drilling in High Pressure/High Temperature wells to depths of 30,000 ft.
Commenting, Mr. Badejo Bandele, Chief Executive Officer, OESL said: “We are pleased with this feat achieved on the strength of our zero tolerance policy for stopping incidents in all our operations. The OES Integrity team has demonstrated their competence in world-class drilling operations and sound Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) values. We are committed to delivering consistent value to our clients’ drilling operations to the highest safety standards”.
Also commenting, Mr. Chijoke Akwukwuma, Chief Environment, Health, Safety Security and Quality (EHSSQ) Officer, Oando PLC, “the health and safety of our employees are of the utmost importance to us. We strive to always be a bastion in oil and gas operations in terms of safety and environmental-friendliness, and we ensure our employees are always well-versed in the Oando culture of uncompromised safety and environment protection. We are committed to deploying best practice that meets global standards across our operations in conformity with world-class aspirations”.
Oando PLC has embraced vibrant policies and procedures covering product quality, safety, environment, health, security and emergency readiness to ensure that all its operations meet international safety requirements, guided by its “14 life-saving rules”. The company has a robust and strong Environment, Health, Safety, and (EHSSQ) framework for employees that include training, regulatory certifications and a “stop work” policy which empowers employees to halt an operation on the account of unsafe work conditions. In addition, it hosts an annual ‘Safety Week’ to deepen awareness and strengthen an incidence-free work life culture.
About OES
Oando Energy Services Limited (OESL) is a leading indigenous energy services company that offers high quality oilfield services to E&P companies operating in Nigeria by deploying a suite of best practices, innovative technology, safety procedures, high quality support and environmentally sound well site operations, which increases efficiency, lowers operating costs and enhances asset value for its clients.
OESL have three major offerings namely:
•Drilling and Completion Fluids Services
•Drill Bits and Engineering Services
•Drilling Rigs
The company has five swamp rigs making it the largest swamp rigs fleet operator in Nigeria. These rigs are:
•OES Teamwork
•OES Respect
•OES Integrity
•OES Passion
•OES Professionalism
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