Oslo Airport the first in the world to offer Neste's renewable aviation fuel

Oslo Airport Gardermoen is the world’s first airport to offer renewable aviation fuel refined by Neste for refueling airplanes. Lufthansa, SAS and KLM have already announced that they will be refueling their planes with aviation fuel containing a renewable component in Oslo.
Neste’s renewable aviation fuel is refined in Porvoo, and it meets the strict quality requirements for aviation fuels. The fuel is transported to Oslo as a 50% blend with fossil aviation fuel, and its distribution takes place via the airport’s existing distribution system.
Neste_logo_pms“In accordance with the Paris Climate Agreement and sustainable business operations, the aviation industry is also seeking ways to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. We are eagerly cooperating with the aviation industry to resolve this challenge. Today, we are proud to have supplied a premium-quality renewable aviation fuel that is fully compatible with fossil fuel for fuel distribution at the Oslo Airport Gardermoen,” says Kaisa Hietala, Executive Vice President, Renewable Products at Neste.

“The reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from aviation is currently limited more by legislation than the aviation industry’s strategic intent regarding the use of renewable fuels. We have already proved that premium-quality renewable aviation fuel works exactly like fossil fuel. We consider that the most functional and cost-effective way of reducing greenhouse gas emissions from aviation is for the aviation industry to use renewable fuels as low blends. We will continue our cooperation with the aviation industry to make premium-quality renewable fuels also available to the aviation industry,”

Neste’s renewable aviation fuel is refined as part of the EU-funded ITAKA project at the Porvoo refinery from sustainably produced, 100% certified camelina oil. Its use reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 47% when compared to fossil fuel.
Source: Neste Corporation
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