Petrobras’ oil and gas production in Brazil up by 4.8% in June

Petróleo Brasileiro S.A. – Petrobras, announces that the oil output (oil plus natural gas liquids – NGL) of all of Petrobras’ fields in Brazil was 1,979 thousand barrels per day (bpd), volume 4.6% higher than May (1,892 thousand bpd). Including the share operated by the company for its partners, oil output in Brazil reached 2,043 thousand bpd, indicating a 5.2% rise compared to May.
In June, Petrobras’ total output (oil and natural gas) in Brazil averaged 2,378 thousand barrels of oil equivalent per day (boed), 4.8% higher than May. Including the share operated by Petrobras for partner companies, total production in June was 2,489 thousand boed, 5.5% higher than the previous month.
The increase in production was due to the startup of new wells connected to platforms FPSO Cidade de Itajaí, in Baúna field, Santos Basin, and FPSO Brasil, in Roncador field, Campos Basin, in addition to the startup of FPSO Cidade de Paraty, in the Lula NE Pilot Project, in the Santos Basin pre-salt. The production increase was also aided by the return into operation of platforms P-25 and P-31, in Albacora field, Campos Basin; and of FPSO Cidade de Angra dos Reis, which operates in the Lula field pilot project, in the Santos Basin pre-salt. These production units were undergoing planned shutdowns in May. According to the schedule, in June, platforms P-20 and Pampo-1 (PPM-1), both in Campos Basin, were stoped for maintenance.
Moreover, it is important to highlight the pre-salt’s rising contribution to total volume. In June, a new record was set with the daily average of 310.2 thousand bpd, including the share operated by the company for its partners.
Total oil and natural gas production in June, including the company’s production abroad, averaged 2,612 thousand boed, 4.2% higher than May.
Natural Gas Production
In June, Petrobras’ non-liquefied natural gas output in Brazil was 63,430 thousand cubic meters per day, 6.2% higher than May. Total gas production in Brazil, including the share operated by the company for its partners, was 70,834 thousand cubic meters per day, a 6.8% rise compared to the previous month.
International Production
In June, total oil and natural gas production abroad was 234,885 boed, which corresponds to a 0.7% rise against May. Of this total, 144,131 bpd of oil were produced, stable when compared to the previous month. International natural gas output was 15,419 thousand cubic meters per day, 1.9% higher than the volume produced in May.
The rise in international output was primarily due to higher demand for Bolivian gas by the Brazilian market.
Information to the Brazilian National Agency for Oil, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP)
The total output reported to Brazil’s National Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels Agency (ANP), in June 2013, was 9,191,902.60 m³ of oil and 2,234,271.65 thousand m³ of gas. This output corresponds to the total output of the concessions where Petrobras is the operator. It does not include shale, NGL volumes and partners’ output where Petrobras is not the operator.
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