Premium-quality traffic fuels of Neste are Futura again

The premium-quality gasoline and diesel fuels of Neste are Futura fuels once again. Premium-quality Neste Pro Diesel will retain its well-established name. Previously, Futura traffic fuels were successfully introduced in the Baltic countries and the St. Petersburg area in Russia.
“Earlier this spring different name options were studied. Futura was selected since it is well known as the premium-quality traffic fuel of Neste,” says Mika Hyötyläinen, Vice President, Marketing, Oil Retail at Neste.
Engine technology and fuel legislation develop continuously, which also requires that fuels are developed on a continuous basis. Neste’s fuels have always been at the spearhead of this development, and we are working determinedly to retain this position. Neste’s in-house R&D center in Porvoo ensures that we can offer our customers high-quality cleaner products with lower emissions and are at the spearhead of continuous development.
“The Futura name now appears in the Neste network of over 1,000 stations and will strengthen the company’s position as the leading provider of premium fuels. These premium products are only available at Neste stations,” continues Hyötyläinen.
Source: Neste Corporation
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