Royal Announces The WIRELESS Emergency Shutdown Device for the Oil & Gas Industry.

Royal Video & Communication Systems and Infinity Management LLC have partnered to provide the oil & gas industry with the latest technology in Emergency Shutdown Devices.
The Wireless Emergency Shutdown Device (W-ESD) (Patent Pending) easily integrates with existing ESD systems, allowing the system and all stations to continue functioning as usual while adding a wireless shut down feature to the current system. The W-ESD adds handheld, and or wall mountable, wireless transmitters to existing ESD systems. This allows multiple authorized personnel to remotely initiate a shutdown from up to 1000 away.
One of Royal’s and Infinity Management’s goals was preventing personnel from having to travel towards or through a hazardous environment in order to shut in a system during a crisis.
By eliminating the need to locate and travel to an ESD station, the W-ESD is not only safer and more efficient, it will allow personnel to focus on managing the incident during the initial stages and therefore possibly diffusing a problem before it escalates to an unsafe or catastrophic level.
The W-ESD was designed and developed by Infinity Management’s President, and 36 year oil and gas veteran, Mike Fontenot.
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Source: Royal Service & Rentals, Inc.,
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