Technip awarded an important subsea contract by Statoil at the Gullfaks field in Norway

Technip awarded an important subsea contract by Statoil at the Gullfaks field in Norway

Technip signed an important(1) lumpsum contract with Statoil ASA for the Gullfaks Rimfaksdalen (GRD) Marine Operations Pipelay and Subsea Installation project. This project is an option to the Snøhvit CO2 Solution project awarded in 2013.

The GRD project scope consists of a subsea tie-back to a new Wye piece on an existing pipeline close to the Gullfaks A platform. The GRD template will be located 190 kilometers Northwest of Bergen, Norway.

This contract covers the:
• fabrication and installation of two sections of pipe-in-pipe, total length ~9.5 km, with a 13% chrome stainless steel production flowline, • installation and tie-ins of three spools and an 8.5-kilometer umbilical, • installation of a ~280-ton template and a 110-ton manifold.

Technip’s operating center in Oslo, Norway, will execute the project. Vessels from the Group fleet will install the template in 2015. The flowline will be welded at Technip’s spoolbase in Orkanger, Norway, while the installation will be performed by the Apache II, in the first half of 2016. The installation of the associated manifold, spools, umbilical and other subsea equipment will be performed by other vessels from Technip’s fleet. First gas is planned for the second half of 2016.

Odd Strømsnes, Managing Director of Technip in Norway, stated: “We are very proud of this award, which builds on our unique track record in pipe-in-pipe.”

(1)For Technip, an “important” subsea contract is ranging from €50 to 100 million.

Fast facts about subsea products

– Wye piece: a connection between two pipelines which allows pigging to be performed from either of the pipelines.
– Flowline: a pipe, laid on the seabed, which allows the transportation of oil/gas production or injection of fluids. Its length can vary from a few hundred meters to several kilometers.
– Spool: short length pipe connecting a subsea pipeline and a riser, or a pipe and a subsea structure.
– Umbilical: an assembly of thermoplastic and steel tube hoses which can also include electrical cables or optic fibres used to control subsea structures from a platform or a vessel.
– Template: a steel protection structure with integrated manifolds and wellheads.
– Manifold: a piece of pipe with several lateral outlets and/or inlets for connecting one pipe with others.

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