Total Gabon 2015 Revenues

Total Gabon 2015 Revenues

Revenues amounted to $842 million in 2015, down 45% from $1,538 million in 2014. The decrease was driven mainly by the lower average selling price for Total Gabon’s crude oil grades, partially offset by the increase by 7% of volumes sold over the period.

    Selling prices

Brent averaged $52.4 per barrel in 2015, down 47% from $99.0 in 2014. The selling price of the Mandji and Rabi Light crude oil grades marketed by Total Gabon averaged $46.8 per barrel in 2015, down 50% from $93.6 a year earlier.


Total Gabon’s equity share of operated and non-operated oil production rose by 1% to 47,300 barrels per day (b/d) in 2015, from the previous year’s figure of 47,000 b/d. This 1% increase reflects the Company’s ability to maintain its production level thanks notably to new wells such as those of Phase 3 of the Anguille field redevelopment project.

The 2015 results news release will be published on 1st April 2016, after the market closes.

Download the press release: Total Gabon 2015 Revenues
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