Update on Nigeria's Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB)

Nigeria National Assembly Gets Authentic PIB
President Goodluck Jonathan Wednesday forwarded the original Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB) to the National Assembly and directed that the soft copy be made available to stakeholders and the public by the Ministry of Petroleum Resources.
The Minister of Petroleum Resources, Deziani Allison-Madueke, who told newsmen that the mode of transmitting the bill to the public will be via the ministry’s website, promised that the soft copy of the document would be loaded on the website of the Petroleum Ministry last night.
She further stated “There is no other Petroleum Industry Bill for 2012. We have seen various adaptations appearing in the media, particularly online, that did not come from the Federal Government of Nigeria and we are unaware of who posted them on these sites,” she said.
“There is only one Petroleum Industry Bill 2012, which has been released today for the first time to the National Assembly and will therefore be available on the Ministry of Petroleum Resources site by this evening for down loading.
“You will notice that inside the bill there are water marks including a signature across each page that says the Petroleum Industry Bill for 2012 and the Coat of Arms of the nation and this is the only Petroleum Industry Bill that we have produced.
“Therefore all other versions or adaptations are not valid and have never been. I will like all Nigerians to please take note,” she said.
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