Ventus Wind Drone Inspections Merges with Texas Aerial Solutions

Ventus Wind Drone Inspections Merges with Texas Aerial Solutions

Ventus Wind announced its merger with Texas Aerial Solutions, a regional supplier of drone video, and inspection services. The new company will be called Ventus and be based in Dallas, Texas. Texas Aerial has been offering drone video and inspection services to the oil & gas, land development and municipal markets since 2012 and is headquartered near Weatherford, Texas.

TJ Sively, Owner of Texas Aerial commented that

“Due to Ventus’ global footprint, their recent Section 333 Certification from the FAA and their extensive experience in wind energy and power generation drone inspections, made them a perfect partner. By combining both companies, we expect to reduce operating costs by 12% which will be passed on to our customers.”

Ventus’ C.E.O.- Marco Zvanik anticipates that 2015 year-end earnings will increase by 34% due to the addition of up-tower blade repair and the merger with Texas Aerial. Mr. Zvanik also commented,

“We feel that the merger with Texas Aerial will not only expand our ability to service our customers better by offering regionally based drone teams, but it will also allow us to reduce operating costs which makes the drone inspection business a more viable option to current inspection methods. Ventus has expanded its ability to hire more pilots due to a recent joint program with the fractional jet industry. Because our customer’s deserve the best service they can get, we obtained Section 333 Certification and only operate with FAA certified pilots in charge of our drones. I fully understand that other companies continue to operate outside of the FAA guidelines either by not having FAA certified pilots or being Section 333 certified. “

Ventus was the first US drone inspection company to utilize drones for inspecting wind turbine rotor blades back in 2012. Since then, Ventus has expanded into onshore and offshore oil & gas inspections, offshore wind energy, land mapping, nuclear plants, solar plants, utility power line inspections and utilizes a wide array of data inspection systems including HD video, infra-red, LIDAR and other systems.

Ventus also has added up-tower blade repair services as part of a comprehensive wind energy service program utilizing drones for the turbine inspection and following up with up-tower blade repairs.

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Ventus is a global leader in professional drone inspection services.

Source: Ventus

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