Well 3-BRSA-1101-SPS (3-SPS-100) drilling completed

New extension well confirms good quality oil in pre-salt of Santos Basin
Petrobras announces that it has completed drilling well 3-BRSA-1101-SPS (3-SPS-100), informally known as Carioca Norte, located in the pre-salt layer of Santos Basin.
Results obtained confirm the presence of light oil at the Carioca structure, which had already been confirmed by wells 1-BRSA-491-SPS (discovery), 3-BRSA-861-SPS (Carioca Nordeste) and 3-BRSA-1023-SPS (Carioca Sela).
The new well reached the total depth of 5,576 meters. It is located in block BM-S-9, in the 1-BRSA-491-SPS assessment area, in ultra-deep waters of Santos Basin, at a water depth of 2,152 meters, 275 km off the coast of São Paulo.
3-BRSA-1101-SPS is the fourth well drilled in the Carioca structure, 6.5 km from the discovery well, in between the Carioca and Carioca Nordeste areas. The fluid samples collected through cable tests show that the oil is similar to the one found in the other wells of the area. The well confirmed an oil column of 83 meters in carbonate rock of the pre-salt with good permo-porosity.
The consortium of block BM-S-9 is operated by Petrobras (45%) in partnership with BG E&P Brasil (30%) and Repsol Sinopec Brasil (25%).
The consortium will proceed with the activities and investments necessary to appraisal the area, according to the Appraisal Plan approved by the National Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels Agency (ANP).