Why the UK needs exploratory drilling

Why the UK needs exploratory drilling

Britain awards shale gas exploration licences for the first time in seven years.
The new licensing round awarded 27 new shale gas and conventional exploration blocks and obtained 95 applications from 47 firms, according to the government, showing that developers are still interested in exploring for the unconventional fuel in Britain. (Source: Energymarketprice, Britain awards new shale gas licences for first time in seven years, 20/08/2015) Professor Michael Bradshaw, Professor of Global Energy in Warwick Business School will be presenting his keynote address titled ‘€œWhy the UK needs exploratory drilling’€ at SMi’€™s forthcoming Shale Gas Environmental Summit.

His presentation will discuss what the current debate is based on, what exploratory drilling will be able to tell us and what options are available for environmentally friendly approaches to exploratory drilling. In addition to that, the conference programme will feature updates in regulation, licenses and regulatory developments of shale gas in CEE. SMi’™s 6th Annual Shale Gas Environmental Summit, taking place from the 26th ,€“ 27th October 2015 in London, will cover all the key issues relating to the Shale Gas industry, ranging from regulation and licensing, the impact on the public with concerns on health, human rights plus scientific and environmental concerns.

This conference will provide the ideal platform for a balanced discussion with room for moving the debate forward.
This, and much more will be presented by leading industry experts from: CMS, University of London, CIWEM, Sussex Wildlife Trust, University of Glasgow, John Busby Ltd, Imperial College London, Medact and many more. Benefits of attending: Understand regulatory developments in the EU and Britain Analyse the difficulties surrounding planning applications Hear about recent research showing possible impacts on health Debate the possibility of earthquakes and contaminated water Discuss how waste water can best be dealt with. Debate whether shale really is the best direction for the UK to go.

The conference will also include two interactive post-conference workshops: Shale Gas: Stakeholder Engagement – Winning the Societal License to Operate, hosted by Michael Holgate, Energy Consultant, Aquatera, and The Shale Gas Industry in Germany and Europe – Legal Frameworks and Gaps, hosted by Andy Gheorghiu, Campaigner & Consultant, Andy Gheorghiu Consulting For more information or to register for this conference please visit: www.shalegassummit.co.uk

Source: www.shalegassummit.co.uk

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