2021 Year in Review: 3DEO Sets Records in Metal 3D Printing for Mass Production

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–3DEO, a metal 3D printing technology company, has set a number of records in what was one of the most challenging and thrilling years in recent history for American-based manufacturing.

The team as a whole expanded by 91% in 2021 to 175 total employees with engineering alone seeing growth numbers upwards of 120% and a total of 33 engineers. 3DEO’s leadership team also expanded significantly with the addition of head of sales, Jim Golden, and head of marketing, Emily Elpes. The aforementioned growth figures set 3DEO in a prime position to facilitate rapid advancements in the coming years.

“Beyond our headcount growth, 3DEO’s technological advantage continues to rise as we have the data and IP to create a powerful flywheel,” said Payman Torabi, 3DEO’s co-founder and CTO. “The possibilities for continued digitization and technology implementation in manufacturing are infinite.”

3DEO has more than 20 patents granted or pending across a wide range of applications including 3D printing, robotics, software and automation.

To accommodate the company’s accelerated growth year over year, 3DEO more than doubled its local facility, spanning 80,000 square feet of manufacturing and office space in Torrance, California. The company currently has 37 printers in production with plans to add 44 additional printers into production in 2022 – nearly one printer per week. The expanded facility has enough space to accommodate 125 printers, making way for continued growth beyond 2022.

3DEO’s Production Manufacturing Milestones

Since its inception, 3DEO has ramped up to achieve world-class uptimes of its printers, approaching an average uptime of 89% in 2021. This uptime has been key to 3DEO becoming the highest volume metal 3D printing company in the world, according to 3dpbm Market Research.

In July 2021, 3DEO announced it had shipped its millionth customer part, queueing up the company to ship 1.3 million parts in total while penetrating new markets like surgical devices, industrial manufacturing and consumer packaged goods.

The average order size across 3DEO’s customer base is 10,000 parts over a nine-month commitment period. In some cases, 3DEO executed shipments of more than 150,000 parts of a single component in 2021, accounting for an increase in average deal size upwards of 90% year over year.

“Shipping parts in these volumes allows 3DEO to compete with traditional manufacturing such as metal injection molding and CNC machining,” said Jim Golden, 3DEO’s Vice President of Sales. “Our customers see how much additional value we can bring to their bottom line, which is the main reason we are growing so quickly.”

The manufacturing and 3D printing industries are starting to take note.

3DEO has won four industry awards, including the LEAP award and three design awards in 2021 alone from Metal Powder Industries Federation.

According to Matt Sand, 3DEO’s co-founder and President: “We are in an exciting position for continued scale. 3D printing is a tiny fraction of manufacturing overall, which means we basically have unlimited room to run in the coming years. 3DEO’s progress over the last few years has been breathtaking; I can’t wait to see what we accomplish over the next few years.”

2022 at a Glance

3DEO expects to triple its growth from 2021.

3DEO expects this tripling of growth to come mostly from its medical and aerospace companies, and the continued global supply chain chaos makes a strong argument for domestic production.

“Our team is stepping up, the printers are performing flawlessly, and we have an incredibly supportive customer base. As we prove our ability to execute and deliver great parts in spec and on time, our customers are expanding more than 10X with us,” said Matt Petros, 3DEO’s co-founder and CEO. “The opportunity is ahead, and we are primed to scale.”


Based in Los Angeles, California, 3DEO is a software-powered manufacturing system that enables innovators to launch better products, faster. 3DEO invented the Manufacturing Cloud™, an end-to-end platform built to scale 3DEO’s patented metal 3D printers into mass production through software, 3D printing, robotics, automation, augmented reality, and materials innovation. 3DEO is ISO 9001:2015 certified and serves a variety of industries, including medical, defense, and industrial. By working with 3DEO, customers get dedicated engineering support and access to cutting edge manufacturing technologies. For more information, visit www.3deo.co.


Matt Sand

President, 3DEO

(424) 732-9596