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We develop a public affairs plan that targets the right audiences, identifies the best media, and articulates key messages in our effective style.


Our Mission is to ‘’To provide a specialized corporate PR distribution service with a searchable database online, which is affordable and easy to use’. Oilandgaspress.com is a professionally packaged Press Release service. We offer a subscription based one stop press release service.

We have the ultimate press release search database.

Oilandgaspress is an Independent Industry News update provider. Our sole aim is to keep our readers informed and aware of happenings in the Oil and Gas Industry with emphasis on Africa, Middle East, Asia and S. America.

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Media Relations

We work on writing and placing stories, we’ll work with you to develop your institution’s public profile and strengthen relationships with your client base.


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We develop a public affairs plan that targets the right audiences, identifies the best media, and articulates key messages in our effective style.

We work on writing and placing stories, we’ll work with you to develop your institution’s public profile and strengthen relationships with your client base.

Every organization has its own unique brand. it’s what defines them. We’ll work with you to build and manage your brand, aligning it with the values of your key audiences in order to achieve the trust and visibility Online.


Oilandgaspress.com is an effective affordable press release distribution service with the small to large size business in mind. We view the Internet as complementary to the traditional ways of doing business. We enable technology as part of your corporate strategy online for a global recognition of your organisations.




Press Release Services

Press release distribution service that delivers your news to the media, industry professionals and the general online population. This gives your organization unlimited exposure in the world wide web marketplace which translates into more ‘hits’ for your site and more business and brand awareness on a global stage.


Oilandgaspress.com will only accept press releases that are properly formatted. Please use our attached online form.
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You can only submit featured press releases for your own company.





How We Work:

– We receive your Press Release

– Targeted online sites receive the press releases instantly.

– Option to include HTML, graphics, video or audio files

– Optimization of your Press Release for best web-placement

– We enhance your product / service visibility online

– We create branding and increase traffic to your Web site with a press release of newsworthy information.


We include you on our PR engine to ensure that your organization is listed together with the major players in the industry.

We use this platform as a marketing strategy to build corporate credibility on a global stage.


We also visit company sites and newsrooms to fill available spaces whenever necessary. If you find your release on our site and want us to remove it, Please send us an email and we will remove it at once.


Press releases are stored in our searchable database for future use 24/7
Type in any country in the ‘SEARCH’ box on our Latest release page and you will see all releases related to that country

Search our database Today! Simply enter a company name or oil and gas related function in our search box and sit back

Our technical teams are Internet experts and are knowledgeable in maneuvering content for maximum exposure online.


Oilandgaspress.com respects the privacy of all our registered users, which is why we will never give out, distribute or sell any of our users information without prior agreement. We will not publish news articles or stories that we feel is unfit for publication through our service or Advertisements or releases that are written for the purpose of bringing harm or damage to a third party.




Content Restrictions

We reserve the right to decline any release we find unsuitable. If we have reasons to believe your press releases are based on keyword spamming or contain masses of URL’s to archive a higher search engine rankings we will not display this release.





Legal Notices

The information contained on this website has been compiled by and on behalf of Oilandgaspress.com for the sole purpose of providing information visitors to the oilandgaspress.com site, students, journalists and industry professionals.

While all effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained on the website, Oilandgaspress.com does not give or make any warranties or information, or give any undertaking either express or implied, about the accuracy or validity or completeness of any information or data made available herein and expressly disclaims any warranties and liabilities to any party for any damages resulting from the use of this website, whether it is direct or indirect.

This includes, without limitation any loss of profit, Business Interruption or loss of programmes or other data on your Information Handling System.

We ensure that only news articles from credible sources are reflected in this service. Independent opinions which are mailed to us may also be published from time to time at our discretion, however the sources for these independent articles will be clearly stated.



Links to third party websites are not regulated by Oilandgaspress.com.

Oilandgaspress.com has no control over such website and makes no warranties or representations whatsoever for such third party websites and does not accept responsibility for the contents or use of third party websites.




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The content of the Oilandgaspress.com Web site does not constitute advice or a recommendation by Oilandgaspress.com and should not be relied upon in making (or refraining from making) any decision relating to investments or any other matter. You should consult your own independent financial adviser and obtain professional advice before exercising any investment decisions or choices based on information featured in Oilandgaspress.com Web site.

We will often visit industry related websites and occassionally publish its releases. If you see your release on our site and you want it removed please send us an email at info@oilandgaspress.com and we will remove it.

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