400-strong parade of private jets and circa 13,000tonnes of CO2

President Biden touched down in Scotland on Monday morning before promptly climbing into his huge convoy of more than 20 vehicle motorcade to travel to a Cop26 climate summit where he plans to tout American leadership on tackling carbon emissions. After making the short hop from Rome in Air Force One Рa modified 747 Рhis gas-guzzling convoy of more than 20 vehicles will raise fresh criticisms of hypocrisy.

At the G20 in Rome he used an 85-vehicle convoy, including vans for officials, secret service and journalists, as well as ambulances and communications systems.

Media reported 52 other private jets ferrying politicians, businessmen, royals and other delegations from around the world reportedly landed in Scotland. Some came from as far as Nigeria, Kenya, Togo, Niger, Monaco, Kuwait, Moscow and the US to name a few.

You have to wonder if this is good for the environment. How does this help in reducing carbon footprint you might ask.