ACCIONA to supply clean electricity to Vertex Bioenergy in Spain

ACCIONA has signed a renewable electricity supply contract with biofuels manufacturer Vertex Bioenergy. The power supply began on April 1st and the contract calls for the delivery of 140,000MWh of renewable energy over a one-year period, certified by Spain’s National Markets and Competition Commission (CNMC).

The purchase of clean electricity from ACCIONA will allow Vertex Bioenergy to reduce its CO2 emissions by 17,000 tons, equivalent to planting 30,000 trees. In this way, the company makes progress in decarbonizing the electricity consumption of its facilities and operations in Spain, including the bioethanol manufacturing plants in Salamanca, La Coruña and Murcia.

Vertex Bioenergy is a leading group in the manufacture of bioethanol, a renewable fuel obtained from cereals and agricultural waste, with an annual production of 780 million liters. The use of clean energy will be reflected in the final bioethanol labeling showing the savings in greenhouse gas emissions and contributing to the decarbonization of transport.

The bioethanol production process also includes the utilization as a co-product of animal feed protein and corn oil, contemplating the production of renewable CO2 and the generation of renewable electricity. The sustainable bioethanol produced by Vertex Bioenergy can also be used for industrial purposes as well as for sanitary purposes as a disinfectant.

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